How to get to Vietnam?

Vietnam currently has three international airports: NOI BAI serving HANOI in the north, DANANG International Airport serving the central provinces and TAN SON NHAT in Ho Chi Minh City serving the south.
Available flights from Montreal by Air Canada, Cathay Pacific Airways, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air FRANCE, ASIANA Airlines, THAI Airways, EVA Airways and VIETNAM Airlines.


How to apply Visa Vietnam?

  1. Original passport valid 6 months before departure
  2. One photo (size 4 x 6 cm)
  3. One completed application form for entry-exit visa to Vietnam (Click here for the form Word)
  4. The processing requires five (05) business days after we has received the specified documents.
  5. Expedited processing (for rush/emergency cases) requires two (02) business days after we has received the specified documents (extra cost apply).


What’s to wear during trip in Vietnam?

Throughout the year, it is advisable to wear summer clothing: thin clothes in light colors. In December and January, warm clothes are recommended for visits to the northern provinces.
Please bring umbrellas or raincoats in the rainy season from May to November in Southern and Northern and from August to January in Central of Vietnam
Dress should be respectable, especially if entering religious premises such as temples and pagodas.



No vaccinations are presently required for visitors to enter Vietnam. However, it is advisable that precautionary measures be taken for cholera, malaria, hepatitis A & B, typhoid and tuberculosis.
Bottled water and mineral water are obtainable at any shops in most cities. It is advisable to drink boiled water and not to drink ice and tap water.
Although international medical centers are available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it can be expensive for emergency care. Therefore, health and emergency medical insurance prior to visiting Vietnam is highly recommended for foreigners.

  • Hanoi:

    • Viet Duc Hospital
      40 Trang Thi St., Hoan Kiem District
      Tel: (84.4) 8253531
    • Asia Emergency Assistance
      31 Hai Ba Trung St., Hoan Kiem District
      Tel: (84.4) 9340555
  • Ho Chi Minh City:
    • + Asia Emergency Assistance
      65 Nguyen Du St., District 1
      Tel: (84.8) 8298520
    • + Columbia International Healthcare
      08 Alexandre de Rhodes St., District 1
      Tel: (84.8) 8238455

National Holidays

  • 1 Jan : New Year’s Day (During the end of Jan to Feb : Lunar New Year (TET))
  • 30 Apr: Saigon Liberation Day
  • 1 May: National Day

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